That There May be Peace

It’s remembrance day in Canada on Tuesday of this coming week. As a result, I have been spending some time remembering the many souls that lost their lives in hopes that there would be peace today.

What is interesting is – although they brought peace to their respective lands all those years ago – there isn’t peace on earth. At least not any more. Which – to me – begs the question: How many more lives will have to be sacrificed to attain and ultimately keep total peace on earth?

I am of course thinking of everything that is happening with ISIS – the terrorist group currently tearing up Iraq. So many innocent lives have already come to an end as a result of that group.

Would you sacrifice yourself so that there would be peace?

Would you sacrifice yourself so that there would be peace?

How many more will have to make the ultimate sacrifice before there is peace again?

My good friend Konrad Braun and I were recently talking about how a war overseas used to never bother us too much since we both did not have any family in the forces but since we both have kids now, any type of unrest or war that our countries get involved in gives us reasons for great concern.

We’ve both grown up in times of peace. War is not really something either of us can comprehend. As a result we never really thought of it or considered the possibility of ever being involved in one. All that is slowly changing though now that we are family men and now that we are involved in trying to stop yet another monster overseas.

The question we both asked ourselves is: How much is peace worth to us? Would we go fight overseas if that was the only way for our kids to grow up in times of peace?

It’s a deep topic, but it is that time of year to think it through. How much is peace worth to you and would you be willing to sacrifice your life so that there may be peace?