Catching up with Technology

A couple days ago I was approached by the dean of the college I used to teach marketing at and – knowing I have in-depth knowledge of the digital world – he asked if I would be willing to teach a couple “one off” classes on graphic design.

I am not a graphic designer. Heck, I outsource that stuff (as I’ve alluded at in previous posts). So I was a little shocked at his question. Of all people – I thought – he should know that just because I am somewhat technologically inclined does not mean I am a graphic designer. Or that I am even qualified to talk about it… never mind actually teaching it.

So naturally I asked a few more questions and turns out a student had pressured him to provide a class teaching graphics in marketing. Specifically in digital marketing. Things like logos, headers, down to pictures used on websites, eBook covers used to represent digital products, and other marketing material like it.

Part of me was honored to have been asked: Wow. The dean must think I am a genius wizard of the online world.

The other part of me was excited: Sweet. We’re finally teaching what we should have been teaching a decade ago. Thanks to higher internet speeds, graphics have played a major role in prettifying the online world.


Sadly I am not one to teach it though. I do NOT know enough about the topic and certainly don’t have any professional training on the matter. But it made me think: It’s hard for people who don’t breathe geeky computer stuff all day to stay up to date with technology. Heck, as techie as I might consider myself, I doubt I will ever fully catch up – even if just for a moment.

And it’s okay. I got better things to worry about. Instead of staying up to date I will try doing leap updates every few years to not fall too far behind but beyond that? I’ll keep trying to catch Pokemon instead 😀